Ivan Lendl versus John McEnroe, Paris 2010.

I’ve been playing tennis for a couple of years, but I’d never watched it live, so I was quite excited when I saw that John McEnroe would be playing Ivan Lendl in an exhibition match while I was in Paris. They had an amazing rivalry as professionals so it was cool to see them play, even if the heat had been turned down a little after all the years.

It did make me think about the way professional tennis is currently set up, which is a season that is dominated by tournaments and in particular the four major tournaments. It seems that once players hit 30, the toll on their body is too much, many retire, or play on and don’t win as many tournaments. I was thinking it’d be could be quite lucrative and worthwhile to the sport if they had a parallel “Undisputed World Champion of the World”. Say for example that Nadal is the champ, wouldn’t it be great if he had to play Federer (or whoever is number 2 at the time) to retain the title once a year, and could accept other challengers. It’s plausible that in a few years Nadal and more likely Federer might not want to endure a busy schedule of tournaments but would be willing to play in something like this. This could keep them in the game a few extra years.

13. October 2010 by Richard
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