Cathartic rant about my disappointment with eNom.

I’ve been using to register domains for over 10 years, it’s always been easy to use and inexpensive.

On Wednesday I let a domain expire that I had registered on behalf of a friend. It was my mistake. I’ve owned thousands of domains and normally when this happens there’s a grace period where you can renew the domain for the normal price. In the most recent case my domain was a domain and the policy was different. When this domain reached its expiry it disappeared from my account immediately and was unrenewable, and would not be released to the domain pool for 90 days. It appears this is eNom’s policy, even though it’s understood as part of the .NZ policy that there should be a period where you can reactivate this domain name (point 14).

I went through eNom’s support and discovered the use a third-party Key-Systems to handle their .nz registrations and that there was nothing they could do. I contacted Key-Systems who contradicted eNom and said that the domain could be reactivated within their interface. When I put this to eNom they decided they could recover the domain for me at the cost of $250. I asked whether I could transfer the domain, an option that should’ve been open to me, as stated in the .NZ policy, “The domain name is also able to be transferred to a new registrar and be reinstated by the gaining registrar.” To do this I require what’s called a UDAI key (, which the policy says must be provided. eNom refuse to do this.

I realise .nz domains are probably not a significant part of eNom’s business, and they probably don’t allocate resources so that holder of .nz domains have a good experience with their company.

From my perspective this has soured my 10 years with them, and I will actively look to move my remaining domains. Just for catharsis I’ll probably file a formal complaint.

19. October 2012 by Richard
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  1. Are you the owner of Hit me up at my email.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Richard. I am having a similar problem with who use eNom as their registration partner. One of my .nz domains recently came up for renewal and I tried to renew the day before it was due to expire but could not. One week later my website is still down and Webs support are still denying that there is even a problem – they keep directing me to Key-Systems! I’m in the process of trying to escalate my complaint but they are difficult to contact and slow to respond. Definitely looking harder at other options now…

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